I tagged the Scooba in my links the other night. I told Camille about it and we agree that we will have to have one as soon as they come out :). Half our house is tile and the other half is wood. So it would be a great friend for the roomba.

A funny side note. Camille and I were talking about home tech the other day. Thinking that our son would grow up with Tivo’s and robots as an everyday part of life. Kinda freaky when you think about it, that we grew up with black and white TV’s and I didn’t even have access to cable tv til my teenager years.

3 thoughts on “Scooba”

  1. yes, we had to wait till Saturday morning for our cartoons. And for special occasions for our movies. Now my son knows that with the DVR (and VCR) he has instant access to his shows!


  2. I didn’t have a home computer until I was almost 10 years old, while my kids each have their own, and have been using them their whole lives… They put in CD’s and click icons, I have to type LOAD and press PLAY on the tape recorder at just the right time… šŸ˜‰


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