So Where Have I Been

So where have I been? Lots of stuff going on offline or in meatspace. I’ve had a ton of projects on my list todo and I’ve been doing them, leaving little time for the blog world. Here is a little summary.
Our cat tore her ACL and now needs surgery.
The baby has an ear infection in both ears.
The transmission went out on my truck.
I bought a new truck.
I’ve been working hard in my garden and flower beds.
I got handed a great new project at work.
I’ve been working hard on a new family budget.
I’ve been organizing lots of data on my home server, up to 1.3 terrabytes now.

Whew! And thats just the highlights.

9 thoughts on “So Where Have I Been”

  1. Ahhh, so now I know why you & Kev were out looking at Llamas & Zebras.
    New truck testing ……..

    G doesn’t deserve that ……. šŸ˜¦

    New project at work? Care to explain?

    When we gonna sit down face to face? With a beer in hand, of course.


  2. Sure the new project is in the Friedman/HFA system. Specifically dealing with an add on lineal optimization package. I’ve had little todo with the big system, but now I’ve got this project to get my feet wet.

    Whenever you want, this week turned out packed, Camille is out of town some next week, and some the next. i’ll shot you an email with some possible dates.


  3. You’ve been so busy that I’ve seen you probably 30 minutes in the last two and a half weeks. You gotta get out a little more. You know, go to the Clubhouse or something.


  4. Hi – I know it is not my business but I have to tell you, our son struggled with ear infections, a total of 6 before his first birthday, we were advised to have tubes put in – absolutely best thing we have done for our son! A completely different baby evolved after the ear tubes were inserted. At such a young age when their ears are plugged their altered hearing impacts their ability to develop their speech as quickly as they could.
    By no means am I an expert, just a parent. Take care and wish you all well.


  5. Thanks for the advice on tubes. He has had so many ear infections, this could help. I’m calling the doctor tomorrow and see what she thinks.


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