Weekend Round Up

The weekend was very interesting. One thing that I learned was that my half baked ideas are much harder to pull off in the city than they are in the country.

To summarize what happened up to Saturday(the full story gets a post of its own soon). I needed to get my truck which from the dealership to East Texas, on a trailer. Sounds simple enough. The first challenge was finding a trailer big enough for my truck, its not that big just a Z71 4×4, with slightly big tires on it. I had a friend I could borrow one from about an hour away, so I went and got it. After a little work we ( Kevin was helping me out) got the truck and trailer into position. Hooked up the wench, but it wasn’t strong enough to get it up on the trailer. So I hooked up a come-along and manually cranked it up on the trailer, until we got to the fender wells. At that point it was clear that it was way to wide to fit on the trailer. So we measured everything and went to Uhaul. Well they didn’t have anything wide enough either. Finally, I did what I should have done in the first place and just had it towed to my house. Now had I been back home in the country, I would have a) Just pulled it home with a chain or b) found a bigger trailer, because there is always a bigger trailer.

It turned out to be an interesting Saturday morning, and I think Kevin, may have learned a few things, including the fact that sometimes my great ideas just don’t come together. I would like to thank Kevin again for all the help and burning up his morning helping me out.

The rest of the weekend was pretty normal stuff. I didn’t spend much time at all in front of the computer, so if your waiting on an email from me, I hope to catch up tonight.

One thought on “Weekend Round Up”

  1. You mean there are times it is inappropriate to pull it home with a chain?
    I never knew tow-trucks existed, till I moved to the city… đŸ˜‰


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