Z Bar & Grill in Flower Mound, TX

If your thinking about stopping in a the Z Bar & Grill in Flower Mound, TX for a quick one, save yourself the time. Kevin and I stopped in Friday night. The restraunt itself was almost empty and the bar had about 12-15 people and 2 bar tenders. We sat down on the end opposite of where the bar tenders were standing, facing them. They were pretty busy, playing a game of grab ass with each other. About 5 minutes passed and they still didn’t ask us for our order. So we got up and left, there wasn’t even a host or manager around to complain to. They get 0 Stars out of 5 from me.

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  1. Yeah same thing happened to me a few weeks ago! Down the street in Flower Mound there’s a seafood restaurant called Fish City Grill we’d heard about, it was awesome!! All the servers were friendly and the managers came to talk to us and make us feel welcome too. Everybody greeted us as we came and left…not to mention some of the best margaritas I’ve had in a long time! You should check it out, they know what customer service is really about.


  2. Angela: I love Fish City, one of the best places in town I think. I get by there any time I can, heck I get take out when I can’t stop.


  3. My wife and I tried Z Bar and Grill for quick sandwiches last September. I didn’t care for the food, but the attitude was what really turned me off. The Ryder Cup golf matches were showing on one of several televisions in the bar. We told the waiter we were excited about the matches and glad they were showing them. As we were served 20 minutes later, 10 or so rowdy patrons arrived and all the televisions were switched to pro football. When we complained to our waiter, he said that everyone else wanted to watch the football games. He said the football fans were regular Sunday customers, so what else could be done? I hope Z Bar can survive on just their football fans. On second thought, I don’t hope they survive at all.


  4. Just came across this site and it is VERY good to be able to read feedback on our restaurant. Yep, that’s right… I am a manager at Z Grill & Tap and have been with the organization since the beginning (a little over a year ago – Sept 04). But, please … keep reading anyway…

    I will be frank. We’ve had major service issues. Food issues. Sports issues. However, many of the complaints above have been seriously addressed and resolved. We have had a re-haul on staff & training – both front of house & back of house – from floor staff to management. We are constantly trying to improve and I really think we have made great strides.
    Our menu has been tweaked – incorporating customer feedback and new recipes/ideas. We now have customers coming in for FOOD & not just the TVs.

    If anyone has had a negative experience at Z Grill & Tap in Flower Mound, TX, I personally invite you to return. In fact, I plead with you to return & give us another shot.

    Print this page out or simply ask for Kris when you come in. I will personally make sure your experience exceeds your expectations. Also, any specific feedback you can provide re: prior experiences is highly appreciated. Feel free to email me with specifics. Customer’s voiced complaints and/or praise is the BEST way for us to gauge our progress.

    Here’s to hoping you will considering trying Z’s again…

    Much thanks,
    Kris Walters, Manager
    Z Grill & Tap
    Flower Mound, TX


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