Weekend Update

Well another weekend is gone. We headed for East Texas again this weekend, only to Camilles family not mine. We had a big time spending time with her parents and grand parents. I got up early Sunday morning and went to my parents to take my dad is card, I forgot to mail. So I did plenty of driving.

Sunday we got home and I did the weekly yard work. I also planted a few more flowers. My mom gave me some Stella De Oro daylillies, some marigolds and some cone flowers. I managed to them all out before dark. I also tied up all my tomatoe plants as they are getting big now. The are loaded and should start getting ripe any day now.

Over all it was a great weekend, and I was totally offline, so I’m sure I’ll have a full inbox when I get home from work.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Update”

  1. We went to Tyler just up the road (UT-Tyler) on Sunday to visit our lustrious daughter.
    If I ever get the chance in the next 15 years, I’m buying 5 acres in Canton and setting in for retirement. 🙂


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