iTunes Podcasting Support

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about iTunes podcasting support and your probably tired of reading about, so it thats you move on. If you interested in yet another opinion, here is mine.

I’ve been listening to podcast on my iPod for a while now, I think one of the first tools that I used was renko from Pete over at RasterWeb. I’ve tried various tools and like a lot of mac users, ended up going with IpodderX. So thats what I’m viewing as the ideal podcatcher.

I do like the thought of having iTunes handle all this information for me, since that’s one less app to run and as my orginal 12″ powerbook gets older and OSX moves forward, every saved process counts. I was disappointed in the organization of the feeds, I’m used to pulling up whats new to see if I’m interested in things outside of my norm. I hope this gets reworked. Also I was really surprised at the content that had high lighted, where are all the orginal guys that kick all this off, I would have expected to see Daves Morning Coffee Notes, Adams Daily Source Code, Evil Genius Chronicals, and of course RasterWeb Audio all on the front page, since these are some of the guys I remember kicking out the first content. I hope they do a little better job and do a little redesigning.

I was hoping to be able to extract my list from iPodderX directly into iTunes, but no go on that. Also when you in a category and you click subscribe, it jumps directly to the podcasts folder, which ment that I had to renavigate all the way back to where I was to add more shows.

Overall I’m glad Apple did this, I hope they improve it. I’m still running iPodderX at the moment but will continue to play with iTunes until I can get something I can get it tweak the way I want it.