Holiday Weekend Round Up

What a nice long holiday weekend.

Friday, Camille worked late, so I took the baby out to eat, then to get ice cream and then to the park. I think he had a big time.

Saturday Kevinand I found us a spot to fish out at Lake Lewisville and really enjoyed it. Saturday night we cooked burgers and brats and had some beer.

Sunday I went fishing again followed by a lot of yard work. We then headed to the Westen Stonebriar for supper and drinks, the baby didn’t make it to the fireworks, so we headed home early.

Monday I cooked fajitas for lunch and spent the day playing or working in the yard some more.

Overall it was a nice relaxing holiday around here. I should add that once again, I barely touched the computer, so I know there is a ton of stuff in my inbox that needs to be delt with.

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