Flower Mound Announcements

This will probably only be of interest for those few folks from Flower Mound that read this. You know about the Announcements page on the Flower Mound site. You probably also know there is no RSS feed for it. Well I wrote up a little pe rl script that will make a feed out of it. You can subscribe to the feed here if you want. Its updated every 30 minutes and for the last couple of days I’ve had it going has worked fine. Of course any formating changes on there part may break it. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Flower Mound Announcements”

  1. I just tried clicking on the link in IE, and it failed to load… so I tried to get to our Linux Blog, and it failed to load… so I went to our Linux page (just linux.dell.com) and navigated to the Blog from there, and then to the RSS feed, and it worked fine…
    Seems to be a little flakey…


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