Weekend Report

The weekend seemed to fly by. Friday evening/night Kevin and I head out to one of our fishing holes, we didn’t catch anything to brag about, but sitting on the lake for a couple of hours was nice.

Saturday, I got up early and fished for a couple of more hours. I tried a new spot and had good luck catching big bluegills. After that Kevin helped me with a little plumbing project, thanks! Now I know how to do something new. This will come in handy this weekend, because it looks like I’m going to have to do the same thing in the master bathroom.

Sunday was yard work day, luckily I got things done before it got to hot. Kevin and I went fishing again for a couple of hours. We hit the new spot, but didn’t have much luck, I guess its a early morning / late in the day place, not a mid day spot. Then Camille and I took the baby to the pool for a while.

It seemed to go fast. Oh and my garden is doing really well we picked a couple of handfulls of tomatoes and got a few peppers. Hope you had a good weekend.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Report”

  1. ummm…from the way this reads….you and kevin are keeping up your appearance……”we took the baby to the pool”. Shall we clarify that the “we” and you and ME?


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