Enterprise Level Digital Video Monitoring Research

I’m doing a little research here and I would love some comments from folks with hands on experience, or a good reference would be good. What I’m researching is setting up an enterprise level digital video monitoring system. The cameras would ideally be wireless, but wired with POE would be fine also. I’ve found lots of cameras that I think can do the job. What I really would like thoughts on are the backend. Good software that can manage the data. The software should also be able to relay the data via a client app or web browser to other parties. So far I’ve found about 2 companies that have a software package that can do this kind of work. A little more information is that things need to be price well, as my project budget is low and this will be very much DIY. I’m still working on the research stage but have not found any IT guys that have a hands on recomendation.