Update: Digital Video Security Project

Last week I posted about a project that I’m working on for digital video security, I also posted on some mailing list. From the lack of responses I guess not many people that come here have done it. I decided to order Axis 211/NETGEAR Prosafe Bundle to get started. The Axis 211 seems to be a pretty top end camera, and I can scale down from there if needed. Also the Netgear switch has 4 POE ports built in which will elimate the need for adaptors and plugs and such. This is going to be very experimental on my part getting it all going.

In my budget I also have approval for a server plus the need software to create a central location for everything. There are several different windows programs that can do the job, and they are all fairly expensive. Doing this on a DIY basis and trying to keep costs down, plus being a linux guy, I wanted a linux solution. This would allow me to spend more money on a good server, and less on software. Its taken alot of searching and playing with keywords to finally get something I think I can use. I found a package for linux called ZoneMinder. It looks great. I’m planning on doing a mock up of it and testing it when the new hardware arrives.