HylaFAX on Ubuntu

I’ve always wanted to play with HylaFAX, but have never really had the time. Today all of my projects are in a waiting status, so this was on my someday list. I decided to set it up on my Ubuntu box that I’ve been playing with the last few weeks.

First off I had to get the Lucent chip based winmodem working. this message was very helpful in getting that goine. Next I installed hylafax-server and hylafax-client with apt-get. The configuration script got hung in a loop, but I canceled it and ran it again (I guess it runs after apt-get) and got it all working.

A slight problem I had was that once I set it up to route the faxes as PDF to my email, the pdfs where corrupted. I had to edit the setup.cache file and change the ENCODING from ” to base64, got that tip via google.

So its up and running with number based routing and sending faxes from windows works fine also. I would love to put on of these into production, but so many people here still like the paper…

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  1. I have recently attempted to install Hylafax and am completely lost. Is anyone able to offer assistance?


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