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I spent a good chunk of time yesterday setting up OSSIM on my Ubuntu box. The debian guide was helpful, but not fool proof. Over all I think I spent about as much time searching for answers as I did actually setting it up. It still needs tweaking and I think next time I wipe the install and start from scratch, I’ll keep very good notes and post them for others. Actually I should have done that from the start, but I didn’t.

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  1. Hello,

    I am trying to install Ossim on Ubuntu for 2 days and it seems I can’t make it work …

    I’ve followed the installation guide on http://www.ossim.net

    when I try to connect to localhost/ossim I got this:

    Warning: mysql_connect():Access denied for user : ‘root@localhost'(Using passsword:NO) in /usr/share/adodb/drivers/adodb-mysql.inc.php on line 338


    Warning:session_start():Cannot send session cookie-headers already sent by(output started at /usr/share/adodb/drivers/adodb-mysql.inc.php:338) in /usr/share/ossim/include/classes/Session.inc on line 119

    I’ve put for the 3 databases (ossim, ossim_acl and snort) the same login (root)and password as for the mysql database ..

    please please, could you give me an indication? did u have this problem?


  2. salut!

    I’m still trying to make ossim work 😀
    actually I got the impression that ossim without its agents works, I mean I have the framework appearing …
    right now I’m trying to install Snort, the first agent and I can’t have it work … I have posted a message on the ossim forum (https://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1329907&forum_id=294471)
    and a guy said to me :

    “As some of the packages compiled in debian do not work correctly in Ubuntu (http://ianmurdock.com/?p=153) you may have to compile your own patched snort packages in ubuntu. You may also have to do that if you want to install the ossim-server in an ubuntu machinne.”

    I’m new to all this stuff with linux and that’s why I’m a little bit blocked here ….

    so, a VEEEEERY BIIIIIG demand : would u be so kind to make a documentation on how to install ossim on ubuntu? explain to us what u have done to make it fonction?

    thank u and I hope u are reading this messages …. and u have the time to do the doc ….



  3. salut,

    i am trying to get ossim to work in my ubuntu, like you i have followed the installation guide for debian in ossim.net but i have not the php4 module loaded and even with dpkg-reconfigure apache-ssl (dpkg-reconfigure apache doesn’t work) i dont have it.and i am sure php is installed but i dont have /etc/php4/apache/php.ini’ i have only ‘/etc/php4/cgi/php.ini’.

    maybe you can help me.thank you


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