ZoneMinder on Ubuntu Update

Last week I setup ZoneMinder as far as I could with out a camera. Today the Axis 211 came in. It took some more time adjusting settings and tweaking things but its all up and running now. Works great, this will probably save the company lots of $$ in the long run. If your attempting to setup zoneminder, remember the log files are your friends, for they most part they helped me sort out all the little problems.

8 thoughts on “ZoneMinder on Ubuntu Update”

  1. Hi,
    I am about to undertake a zone minder install on Ubuntu…have you thought about doing up a howto? I know for myself this would be great and I doubt i am alone…


  2. Second Joe’s request for a howto. I’d like to try it on an industrial machine to monitor hard-to-reach parts. I’ve got a few FireWire cameras (UniBrain Fire-i, cheap but good picture).

    I’ve been using Ubuntu at home for a few months but haven’t had to compile any binaries, etc. So, if the howto could clarify some of this it would be great!

    Harmonitron – Ireland


  3. Thanks for the comments. I plan on writting up a full how-to on my setup next week. I’m going to start with a clean Ubuntu install and go from there.


  4. Yeah, a good howto for Ubuntu Breezy would be much appreciated. I have run into problems and have little time to nut it out myself at this stage. 😉


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