Ruby on Rails Fast Prototype

A few days ago I mentioned that my Ruby on Rails was broken. I must have installed some mixed gems, so it was easly fixed by removing all the gems then installing rails with dependency on. Since I’m totally new to ruby this was a great way for me to see how easy it is, like MCPAN.

I had a lunch time discussion with some guess I worked with and a great what if idea came out of it. So I decided to do a fast prototype in rails, since I had mastered the intro to-do apps 🙂

The first step was to actually take all the data from some excel spreadsheets and export it all to csv. Next I created a mysql database and imported all that in.

Then it was as easy as pie to create the rails project. It shows all the information plus a thumbnail that links to a tiff file. It needs some design work, but damn was that easy.

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