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Well its a busy time for me lately, lots of home and work projects keeping me away from blogging. So where to start?

Other than the normal work load, which is getting a increased number of projects lately, I’ve had just a little bit of play time. I tried to get Zoneminder running on Fedora Core 4, but had lots and lots of problems, I think it was much easier todo on Ubuntu. I still need to document that little project. I finally got my self a google maps api key and played with that some. Taking some customer data and mapping it out. I could see a lot of power in doing something like that for our sales force. I wrote up another batch of backup scripts for the work laptop ( not that I don’t already have enough). This set actually takes my full back up and uploads it to my streamload account for a remote back up. Very nice, I’m going to impliment these at home also.

On the home front, I got my powerbook back yesterday with a new 80gig drive in it. I installed 10.4 on it last night plus the iLife and updates and started moving slowly app by app getting things back going. I have a full back of my old one, but I decided not to just dump the data back on but just add back what I need. Yes I think its much faster, its not be reinstalled in years.

I’ve got a few restraunts I want to mention later. For historical reasons I should mention that I went to my first Grapefest in Grapvine, TX this year and I also went to the new IKEA store in frisco. Now back to it.

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