Weird Dream Last Night

I’ve been having weird dreams for the last week or so. I always mean to write them down in the mornings but never do and of course I forget most of the details. Here is the dream from last night, no idea what if anything it means.

I’m at my grand parents old farm house, but the surroundings are different. For some reason at the back side of the house (where the well house is in RL) there are several DQ dip cones (this is probably because I had a discussion about these Sunday). I go back there and get one and come back and eat it. It was good and I figured I might as well get another one. So I go back and as I’m walking back there is some rustling in the bushes. It keeps on and gets a little more intense. So I’m standing there watching to see what it is, then a tiger comes running out toward me. I turn and haul butt around the and slam the door just has the tiger jumps on the porch, then I woke up.

3 thoughts on “Weird Dream Last Night”

  1. I think it might mean that you’re not watching enough Sabado Gigante. Or it could be that you’re feeling some anxiety about taking a big step that could make you really happy, but you’ve yet to do. Job change?


  2. Wow, that sounds like a hard one to decifer. Maybe it represents you trying to make some “sweet” code for “OS X 10.4” and it just won’t compile properly?

    But what a great idea. Think I will try to jot my dreams down and blog about them too.


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