I’ve been spending a lot of my time lately working on home projects. Lots of stuff that just needed to be done and some that I wanted to do.

The main focus of my spare time has been the office. I’ve been wanting to fix it up since we moved in, but its been way down on the list. Finally its time has come. I cleaned it out and went to work. New paint and new floors were a must. I also couldn’t really find a desk system that I liked so, I built my own. Its simple and didn’t take much work to build, but a lot of time to finish. Sanding and coating take ours of waiting.

I’ve just about got the basics covered and finally hooked up 1 computer tonight. Its a temp set up while I finish things up and wait for a few new parts to come in. I figure it will take several more weeks before I get things all done.

I do really enjoy spending my time out in the garage with the power tools 🙂

2 thoughts on “Projects”

  1. Dude, take some pics of the process… I’m going to document my “office” refix on my site as well. Would be cool to see everyones idea of a “hack-n-shack” at home!

    : – )


  2. Ditto here: Photos if you please kid sir… My basement project’s been on hold for a long time but now that Fall’s here I think that after I get through with the leaves it will be back at it again… I still have the other half to frame and then insulate and drywall… Then I need to build the work area…


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