Ubuntu at Work

About a week ago one of our sales guys laptop screen went out. Being the nice guy that I am letting him use mine until his comes back from being repaired.

I have 2 systems that I use here at work, my primary latptop with Win2k and old desktop with what ever I’m playing with at the moment.

Right now I’m running Ubuntu 5.10 and the challenge was being able to do most of my work from this system. There is one piece of software that I use that I know can’t run on it no matter what. But with the week I had last week and the week ahead, there is much time for any development work anyway.

What I really need is Lotus Notes (6.5.4) and ClientAccess (for connecting to the AS400). Well I got notes going with wine. Is usable but not exactly a great experience. I couldn’t get ClientAccess to function correctly. After some research the suggestion is to down grade from python 2.4 to 2.3 and that should fix it. I can do must stuff with a telnet session and I have dummy terminal close by so I didn’t go through the trouble.

Using the terminal server client and VNC I can control the windows servers and PC that I need to and of course with ssh to control the linux servers. I didn’t miss a beat using these tools.

Now I’m an old linux hand and interact with it often on the servers, but I haven’t really used it as a desktop since I switched from Linux to OSX at home a couple of years back. I’ve been really happy with the performance of Ubunutu and If it wasn’t for that 1 program that I develop with, and the limited functionality of notes with wine, I could use this for good.

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  1. Steve, thats the one I’m trying to use. It works fine in fedora for me, but the python in Ubuntu needs to be downgraded to work. I found some information on a debian forum about it. Thanks.


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