Wanted Ted Or Alive

I didn’t even know that Wanted Ted Or Alive existed until flipping the other on accident. Camille and I watched the first episode the other night, and it was funny. Of course growing up in the country, it wasn’t that shocking to me but I did enjoy the “city slickers”. I think i may need a season pass.

3 thoughts on “Wanted Ted Or Alive”

  1. I was grown in Clay Hill, myself. And these guys (city slicks) I will never understand. Between growing up in the swamps and woods and being in the Army for six years as A Combat Engineer, I don’t get peoples lack of drive and understanding. The woods, a gun, shelter and PAY me! Come on.

    They are a riot. To watch them cry and squem are enough to buy every season when available for purchase. I wanted to jump in the TV and help. I waiting eagerly for Jan 8 to come. Gotta see the next.

    Don’t keep it real, keep it realistic and never apologize for being white.


  2. It’s a great show for white people (liberals included) as it illustrates the fundamentals that this country was established under. Wake up white people, and snap out of it liberals.


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