Windows Server 2003 SBE

I finally went live with the Windows Server 2003 SBE an upgrade from NT Server 4.0. I was ready todo the switch a while ago, but the timing was never quite right. I wasn’t able to stay late most of the month of December, November, etc. Anyway I think I did a pretty good job considering that I’ve never done this sort of upgrade before and I’ve never used 2003 SBE before. There were a few hicups and I’ve had a few minor issues to deal with. Over all its up and running just fine, but to be honest I think switching it to Linux with samba would have been a better choice for what they are actually using the server for. For that matter, sticking with NT was fine, but out with the old in with the new and all that.

So now that I have me feet wet, I really need to put some effort into learning this thing. If any of you guys that have been down this path could recommend any good books or online resources I would appriciated it since there is so much data out there.