Getting Things Done Around the House

Well, I’m still around, just not spending much time on the computer. To start with not a week after turning on the new G5, it stopped working. A bad power supply. I think to date, that its been at the apple store, more than its been home. I must have a bad effect on electronics. I also got out 2 linux boxes that I haven’t started since the move almost 2 years ago. I told myself that I wouldn’t get out the toys till the office was done. That took much longer than planned. Anyway both of those boxes don’t want to work anymore either.

But thats not why I’ve been busy. I setup kinkless GTD on my powerbook. Now i’ve been doing GTD at work for a year or so at work, and i love it. I just never found an easy solution for home on the mac. Well now I have and boy is it working. I’m spending most of my time doing things that are important. Now I’m caught up on most things its time to get back to the other things I enjoy like this site.