equinux MediaCentral

I gave MediaCentral a go tonight. Very nice, very similar to iTheater. One thing I haven’t figured out on either of these is how to specify different Video Folders to use. I keep only active projects in the standard Video folder and the rest on network drives or firewire drives. Its early so I’m sure things are in the works to do these sorts of things.

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One thought on “equinux MediaCentral”

  1. I had the same question myself… then I got the answer…

    Just create an alias refrencing the network folder, location or movie file of where your archived movies are stored and place the alias in your movies folder…

    I have my flicks on my another system in a movies folder and just creating an alias of that folder and dropping it into my local user’s movie folder worked like a charm.

    I guess this is an unspoken feature of MC.


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