Weekend Outside

What a great weekend to be outside. The weather was great. We could use a rain, but I’ll take the sun.

I picked up a few more things on my way home from work Friday to plant. I’m now pretty much done, not because I want to be, but because I’m out of space (for now). So here is what all I put into the ground over the weekend. Katie’s Ruellia brittoniona, Texas Primrose, Woodland Phlox, ‘Blue Princes’ verbina, ‘Homestead Purple’ verbina, and Lantana. I planted 3 types of butterfly bushes, ‘Pink Delight’, Nanho Purple, and ‘Black Knight’.

I planted and potted a few more herbs. Chocolate Mint, Lemon Balm, Lime Basil, Tricolor Sage, Itallian Oregano, and Thai Baisil. I have several things that came back for last year and will add a few more this week to fill out the list of herbs that we use alot of. Oh and I potted some ‘mosquito plants’ for the back patio, I hope they help.

We also got our first blooms of the season from the Blanket flower that came back huge from last year and a first bloom on one of the hybiscus plants. The salvia is startig to get little blooms as well. Around the front of the house the mums are starting to bloom and everything else is growing well. If all holds out we are going to have a nice yard to enjoy this summer.