Damn Near Took It Off

I came close to taking off the end of my finger today. Luckily my finger nail stopped it. Of course it is now split in half. I know the weeks ahead will be painful. Luckily I’m freshly back from vacation so it won’t cut into my fishing time 🙂

3 thoughts on “Damn Near Took It Off”

  1. YEOWCH!!!

    I can appreciate that feeling… nothing worse than that damned heatbeat. Just walk around with your hand above your head and you should be good. 😉



  2. I say go ahead and cut it off…then replace it with a bonic finger. Your wife will love you for it, plus you can light BBQ pits with one finger. What a trick!



  3. I feel your pain, bro.

    I recall having my 2 middle fingers “slapped” by a dull lawnmower blade many years ago (long stupid story I won’t bore you with).
    They ended up using a heat needle to burn holes in my nails to releive the built-up blood pooling under them.

    …bionic finger…next he’ll need bionic nostrils!


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