Ubuntu in Production

I had a rough day yesterday. When I got to work I discovered that a SBS 2003 server had crashed, big time. So in order to get things back up and running I was able to move all the data to the Ubuntu server that I set up last week as my partimage server. Added users and samba accounts and everybody was running again. Now I have to figure out what todo. The SBS server is running on a very old server about 6.5 years old and is very underpowered for the OS. All the users have noticed a huge difference in the speed at which they are getting files now. So I have a feeling that this may just be a permanent change. The work group that uses this server doesn’t utilize anything past file sharing and backups on this server. So I’m happy to report that I now have a copy of Ubuntu 6.06 server in my production environment and its doing well.

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