BackupExec 9.x Agents & Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

Yesterday I installed the unix agent for backupexec 9.x on the Ubuntu 6.06 server. It went off without any problems and in 5 minutes I had a backup running to the backup server. I wasn’t expecting any problems and I didn’t have any, now thats a good feeling.

I also did and apt-get for cvs. I like keeping all my config files for the servers on a CVS server. On this machine i’m keeping the samba files and the backupexec config files in cvs. A also keep a whole bunch of scripts from over the years on cvs. So when I install a new box all I have todo is checkout the scripts folder and have all my tools ready to go.

I’m very happy with the performance of this server. Its running on an old P4 machine that was one a Win98 desktop. I’m considering migrating some of the other servers to Ubuntu now. I’m planning on doing a mock up migration of one of them soon to see how easy it is. Maybe I’ll get started next week on it.