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I guess I can finally let you know whats been going on. To make it short and sweet, we quit or jobs, bought a farm and are selling our house and moving to the country. Hows that?

I’ll post a few more details later, I’ve got a few fires to put out this morning.

6 thoughts on “Breaking News”

  1. Well, I knew that it was in your future plans. WOW, time has flown by since we talked about it.


  2. Mark: got your voicemail, but I didn’t have your work number with me. I’ll be in the office Friday.

    CM: Just the natural kind.


  3. I think you guys have the right idea and wish I could join you down on the farm. I tried calling you this AM but got VM. I’ll try and call you back tomorrow. Anyway, good luck and hook up the disk and stay in touch you guys!


  4. Headin’ for the hills, eh? I’m pleased as punch to see my friends making their dreams come true.

    Who knows, you might inspire a fe of us to follow suit in similar fashion. Me, I’ve always said I was gonna get a burrow and head back to Mexico…maybe I’ll just head to the Rockies with Tonya, heh heh.

    I certainly wish you both all the best, bro. And do keep in touch when you have a free minute here & there.

    mR v


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