Busy Times

Getting ready to leave a job and move is really keeping me busy. Luckily everything is just about packed, thanks to a pak-a-thon with Merrin, Camille and Camile’s mom. I’m picking up the truck on Friday and will pack all our junk up and truck it to east texas.

I’ve completed a project at work that I’ve worked on for the last 2 months. I’ve got one more that they would like done before I go. Actually it has to be started, and realistically it can’t be finished before I leave. They are already talking about consulting.

I’m also trying to prepare myself for my new job. I’ll be starting the day after labor day. I’m going to be the IT Officer for a bank. I’ve got a lot of reading todo so I can hit the ground running.

Things really are in a blur for us at the moment.

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