Hardware & Software – Inventory and Asset Management

At the last 2 jobs I had, one of the most frustrating things was dealing with hardware and software asset management. Luckily my first job, most of the work was done and it was a small enough environment that keeping up with things in a spread sheet worked fine.

At my last job, it was a chore. Primarily because it had never been done before and secondarily because by the time it was my turn to keep up with it, it was well out of hand. What I ended up doing was creating a Lotus Notes database and tracking things that way. It was a full on manual process and was easy to get behind and out of sync.

Now in my new environment its under my control again. This time things will be different. I’m looking for some suggestions on what has worked for you. Ideally it will be an agent-less application. It needs to be able to track all the basics and be flexible enough that I can enter details that the system may not pick up. It also needs to be able to create reports and/or export to excel where reports can be printed.

This week I’m giving SpiceWorks a try. So far I really like it. There are a few things that I wish it could do. First I think all the fields need to editable. For instance if the scan doesn’t pick up a serial number or a firmware version I want to be able to enter that information. Second if a scan picks up a machine that I don’t have access to (you bank guys know about the dual controls) I want to be able to manually enter that information. Not just have it set there with an error.

I know its still beta so that my change. I think its great so far. But if you have any recommendations on what works in your enterprise let me know.

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  1. Well, working for Dell… we use our OpenManage Suite, and with all Dell systems it works great! It will give you all the information you ever wanted to know and in any format you could ever want.


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