New HVAC – House Update 2

Well the HVAC was installed in the farm house this week. Its never had one just a couple of window units did the job before. Personally, I wouldn’t have put one in, but my wife is heat/cold needy :).

Now that that is out of the way my plans for the weekend include:
Putting the last coat of paint on the trim in the bed room.
Kilzing and Painting the Hallway ceiling, walls and trim.
Removing the sink and toilet from the bathroom.
Kilzing and Painting the bathroom ceiling, walls and trim.
Kilzing and Painting the bathroom cabinets.

Everything gets 2 coats after the kilz so that’s about all I can do in those rooms in 2 days.

I will hopefully also get started doing some painting in the living room. Its gonna be a busy weekend.

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