House Update 3

We put in new pine flooring in the house this weekend. Not the whole house just 2 bedrooms, 1 hall and 3 closets. We choose #1 1×4 center match pine and it looks great. Now Camille just needs to decide how she wants me to finish it and I’ll get started on that.

The electrician started today (one of the few things I can’t do myself). He is updating the so wiring and breaker boxes. I’ve already pulled some new wire for him and added some new plugs and switches. He is also adding a weather head. The original lines from the power pole are were connected straight to the house. Thats how they put it in when they finally got power in the country. Also a lot of the wiring was on the outside of the house because when they built it, they didn’t even have electricity.

Of course I’m still painting. We had a nice rain today so it was to humid inside to paint and with no power and no lights, I took the evening off.

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