House Update 7

Well we did it. We are just about all moved in. Almost all the internal work on the house is done. There are just a few minor things like finding some cabinet hardware and some bi-fold closet doors that we like. And maybe a curtain here and there. But its great to be done. It was quite a project but we are happy with how everything turned out. I learned a lot about restoration that I didn’t know. But if it came down to it, i would do it again. Heck I would even do it as living, thats how much I enjoyed it.

Now that the inside is done, there is some work that needs to be done on the outside. Of course this is the wrong time of year to be painting outside, so all that can just wait until spring.

So with that done, I’ll be shifting to Homestead updates now to let you know whats going on. Oh and I guess I’ll bring on the pictures.

5 thoughts on “House Update 7”

  1. “I’ll bring on the pics”. Umm…you mean I will bring them on, once we get everything unpacked and in place, and well…this dial up is slower than the other one so we’ll see how fast those pics get uploaded! BUT for now, here are a few.


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