Homestead Update

Well it was a nice 3 day weekend on the farm. Well mostly nice we got about 6 or 7 inches of rain. Sunday was actually a really nice day, but we weren’t home to enjoy much of it.

I had to wear several different hats over the weekend. I had some electrical issues that needed to be taken care of. I had some plumbing that need to be taken care of also. There is one thing for sure, you can never have to many tools 🙂

I got started cleaning off one of the fence rows by the house. Its grown up and about have way down the fence is completely missing. So I’m starting the process to clean the whole thing up in order to get a new fence in some time this summer. I’ll need that before I can add any lifestock to that pasture, which is the main pasture or the place. I had another fencing issue last week where the horses decided to tear one down and get out. Its patched put it needs to be replaced soon.

I started the demolition on the old barn (1960 eras chicken house). The middle part of it is mostly caved in. I’m planning on keeping either end as that still in ok shape. The hard part was finding a good, safe place to start. So I found the safest looking place and started tearing off the outer tin and wood. Next it was time to pull down some of the busted rafters. Now I should mention that it was 36 degrees and raining while all this was going on. So I took a easy way out. Some chains and a truck 🙂 That’s left me with a good sized opening that is fairly safe to work in with out much fear of the whole thing falling on top of me.

Now a lot of people would just burn this down and clean up later, or destroy it completely. But thats not my nature. My goal is to get as much usable material from it this week to construct a green house with this weekend.

A green house is a priority right now because we need to be ready to start seeds around the first part of February so the transplants will be ready after the first frost.

Lots going on at the farm, but I did hear someone mention they were bored….

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