I haven’t talked about work much, mainly because there is a lot that I can’t talk about. But I do want to point out some things that are general.

One of the biggest changes that I’ve made from my old environment to my new environment is going from Lotus Notes managing all my data to moving to to Outlook and others to manage my data.

I remember Mike McBride mentioning OneNote several times in the past. So I’ve made it a point to give it a try. I started using a trial version of 2003 and then moved to the trial of 2007. I’ve been using OneNote for several months now and I love it. It keeps things so well organized. For those of you in financial institutions you know how much information you have to keep up with. This has really simplified my life and information management.

Last week I upgraded to Office 2007 and the integration from outlook to OneNote is great. On feature that I’m making a lot of use of is the ability to click on the OneNote button in a calendar entry and start a page of meeting notes. I know even after several months of use I still haven’t discovered all the cool stuff but it seems like I come across something new all the time.

Thanks Mike for pointing out this great app its really helps.

2 thoughts on “OneNote”

  1. Awesome man, glad you’re enjoying the new found organization. I was so amazed at just how much stuff I could keep organized, and therefore have available, when I first starting using it. The more I use it the more information I find myself keeping in it.


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