Homestead Update 2

Well its been over a month since I’ve posted anything, well here is something 🙂

On the last updated I mentioned that I had started working on the old barn. That has gone really well. I managed to tear down a huge section of it and recover a lot of the materials in the process. It was a huge job and took a few weeks. Once I had the middle section fully removed I build an end wall on the existing front end. Once that was built I covered it all with the left over tin. I was lucky that I had so much good scrap to use. I also had a lot of roof repair to do. I had to fix and replace some rafters and a lot of the lathes. Once all that was replaced I had to replace the tin and patch a few spots. Next I started going on the side of the barn that had no side covering at all. So I cleaned of all the old wood and fixed it up. Then covered it with tin as well. I should finish up that part of the project today. Next up will be cleaning some brush and trees from the other side of the barn and working on that. Luckily most of that side is already covered with tin. I also need to work on the front of the barn and replace all the damaged material with something better. I’ve also done some work on the inside, mostly cleaning junk out, but I have manged to construct a platform for storage.

I did get the greenhouse as planned. Its not really big and except for the plastic its all made from old barn material. Its big enough to start about 2,000 seeds in flats. I’ve got several things going in there at the moment and will be starting everything else this weekend. I’m a little behind on that, but I should have ordered my seeds sooner. The garden is in good shape and should be ready by the Average last frost date, which is Mar. 15th. We already have onions, potatoes, shallots and garlic going. We are looking forward to having this fresh food supply this summer.

Thats really kept me busy, but I’ve also managed to clear more brush and trees from one of the fence lines. You never get much of a break around here as long and the weather is good and the sun is shining.

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