Homestead Update 3

Now that the weather is warming up the more farm chores are starting to get done.

There are 2 large cattle feeding lots that run down the length of the  barn. Both (like everything else around here) haven’t been used in years. So they were completely grown up. Most of the briars and brush were well over 8ft high along with lots of good sized trees. Well the first step to cleaning up this mess was lighting the whole mess on fire. That took about 5 gallons of diesel and a hand sprayer. This did a really good job of removing most of the under brush and a lot of the briars. This has allowed me to get in there with the brush hook and chain saw and clean alot of it up. I’m not done, but its in much better shape.

The main project for the last few weeks was getting the garden planted. That we have successfully done. I still have transplants in the green house that will need to be set out in a few weeks. I know I got behind on the transplants by about 4 weeks, I’ll order much sooner next year. I think that I will still have some space left so I may buy a few more seeds this week. I also need to pick up the strawberry plants for planting. The only thing that we really need is some rain!

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