Homestead Update 5

Well its been another busy week down on the farm. We were lucky and missed the really bad weather that sweep over alot of Texas last weekend. We ended up getting about .5 inches of rain this week, which helped the garden out nicely. My main concern is the weather for this weekend. They are predicting near freezing temps which probably will mean some light frost on the plants. This is the oddest weather we have had in years, and I guess it really couldn’t be predicted ahead of time. So we are just going to hope for the best and if the worst happens, we will just have to replant somethings and start over.

This last week we started adding a few fruit trees, which have been difficult to find this time of the year. But the sooner you get them started the better. So we have planted 2 peach trees, 2 apple trees and 4 blueberry bushes. We have 2 plum trees and 2 pear trees that are ready to plant, once this cold weather passes.

We also have another dozen or so strawberry plants that well plant after this cold weather and some asparagus crowns. There are lots of plants in the green house also that should be ready in a couple of more weeks.

I got the fence project finished over the weekend, and it turned out really good. We have discovered several more fence posts that need replacing, and that will come over the next month. I’ve got a load of lumber on my truck now that is going to be used around the house. We are putting lattice up around the bottom of the house this weekend. I’ve also got the material to build my wife a nice storage area in the barn for her stuff. Should be another busy weekend. Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Homestead Update 5”

  1. Yeah, I’m at a loss as to what to do with my plants, especially the beans – which hate the cold. I’ve got them covered for tonight – they are saying snow?!?!

    See y’all next week.


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