Snow and Donkeys

Well it was a very interesting weekend around here. Friday when we got home from town, we had a heard of cows in our pasture. The neighbors cows, again. Luckily the tall green grass kept most of them away from the garden area. They were removed again Saturday morning.
Saturday a new electric fence was installed around the garden, just in case those cows escape again, and given the track record, they will. This will probably also help with the deer later on.

Saturday also brought 2 new members to the farm, Shrek and Donkey, which are donkeys. This started out as kinda of a joke amongst us, with the boy always saying that he wanted a donkey for his birthday, well now he has 2. They both seem to be pretty good little donkeys. Shrek is a little bigger than Donkey. They are both halter broke. Shrek is broke and has been ridden as well has been pulling a cart. Donkey is a little bite stand offish but is warming up to me. They are actually pretty fun. So far at 6 am every morning Shrek lets out a big ole bray about the time my alarm clock goes off 🙂

Also on Saturday we got snow, yes snow in April in East Texas. Very weird, but fun to watch. We managed to dodge the any freezing weather, the low was 34 and no frost on anything in the garden. We did manage to cover a lot of stuff up before hand, but that wasn’t necessary as it turns out.

Sunday was spent with family and we did the easter egg hunting thing for a while. Now its time to get to work.

3 thoughts on “Snow and Donkeys”

  1. K: They can be racing donkeys, we should give it a try.

    CG: This donkeys are confirmed dog/coyote killers. When I add a few goats/chickens around here, they should be helpful.


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