A little Rain but no Storm

I forgot to post my Monday down on the farm report, so here it is a little late.

We missed the big storm that blew through part of Texas over the  weekend. We did get some cold windy weather, but luckily none of the hail and heavy rain. We got about .5 inches at the farm, my parents just 8 miles away got 2.5 inches. It was hard enough to beat down some new seedlings that we put out. Guess a few more days will tell if they are going to recover or not.

I’m starting to see some damage from the cold weather we got. Nothing major, but some peas and beans were damaged. I knew that I was taking a chance with some of them planting so early. But no major problem. I have more seeds that I’ll be replanting this weekend.

We have lost several Strawberry plants. Not sure if it was weather related or some other damage. This will not be replaced as all local supplies of starts have disappeared already. We are starting to get the first blooms on the tomato plants this week, the strawberry plants are continuing to bloom and produce some berries. The potatoes look really good and most plants are knee high or better. We are harvesting radishes (Camille has a really good recipe for them) as well as lettuce. Its time to start resowing the radish and lettuce for a continuous supply. Most of the other greens are ready to start harvesting, although we haven’t yet.

One of the most surprising things is the carrots. I thought they were not going to make, but they are coming on strong.

Overall the farming is going really well.