Around the Farm this week

Well it was a busy weekend around the farm. As you can see we added some chickens. We were ready for them and they are easy to care for. Just change there water and add feed. I’ll be adding to that chore list a pen cleaning every few days. They are doing good so far.

We are starting to harvest stuff from the garden. We got about 4 pounds of radishes out so far. We are also harvesting cooking greens like mustards, turnip greens and collard greens. Salad greens like lettuce and Kohlrabi.

Some of the runner beans are in full bloom and I’ve started adding trellis to support them. Some of the other beans are starting as well. I started putting cages on some of the tomatoes and need to get that finished this week. The early girl tomatoes are starting to fruit. The zucchini is starting to fruit as well.

It won’t be long and we will be filling baskets full of veggies. So far we are just eating everything fresh and haven’t started canning, but that is coming.

I planted several new rows of purple hull peas and have a lot of stuff in the green house that needs to planted soon.

Luckily with the sun coming up earlier and going down later I get a little more time each day to try to stay caught up.

4 thoughts on “Around the Farm this week”

  1. No we sure don’t. I planning on make some sort of canning room out in the barn for storage. A cellar would be nic.


  2. awe, go ahead a dig one 😉
    I can remember nights when we had bad storms. going down in the cellar with mamma & granddad, turning on the cole-oil lamp, and opening up a jar or pickles, haha.


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