Rain and Greens

We got just about 1.5 inches of rain yesterday. We were lucky once more and didn’t get any of the flooding that some areas of Texas got. We really need the rain and were glad to get it.

Yesterday we decided it was time to hill the potatoes up, actually it should have been done weeks ago. We did it anyway and thinned out several plants in the process. From the thinned plants we got almost 5lbs of new potatoes. Can’t wait for Camille to cook some up.

I also thinned out the carrots some more. I sat out a few things that were hanging out in the green house. Some Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli. I know its a little late for them, but we will see how the transplants do. I also set out a few transplants of head lettuce.

I’m noticing more blooms this week. Mostly on the beans, but I did notice that the peanuts had some on them and I even think I saw one on a potato plant.

This morning I harvested another mess of turnip greens and  leaf lettuce before heading off to work.

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