More Planting

Yesterday I added something very special to the farm, muscadine. We just love them for jelly and wine, and even fresh. I set the poles for the trellis that we are building. Two poles, about 5 feet apart and about 12 feet out 2 more poles. I planted 2 blue muscadine and 2 Bronze Scuppernong. They look like that are at least a year old, maybe a little older and already have a few clusters on them.

I also planted 3 Chaenomeles Toyonishika Quince bushes. Just because I found them and thought it would be interesting to add. From what I understand the marmalade is really good, we will see in a few years. There are actually a few fruits on them already, so if they make it to the fall, we will find out then.

I finally planted the 2 pear trees that were hanging out in the green house. One is a Bartlet and one is a Kiefer. I didn’t plant this in the main orchard area, because of there size, I put them in a new area out away from the garden.

I set out a 1/2 flat of Jalapeño peppers as well as a 1/2 flat of Hungarian wax peppers. While out in the garden I noticed that the first zucchini bloom was open and that the better boy tomatoes were starting to put on some fruit.

The chickens are doing really good, I cleaned there pen yesterday and added that good stuff to the compost pile 🙂 I plan on starting on the hen house and yard next week.

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