Whats Growing on

Wow, I totally forgot to post last week, and so much has happened around the farm. I have probably forgotten half the stuff.

To start off with we got about 2.5 Inches of rain last week. It was very welcome, but also kept me out of the garden for a few days. It did allow me to finish up the storage building I was working on for Camille, now she has a place for her important storage items ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve gotten everything out of the greenhouse and into the garden, except for a few peppers. I’ll be putting them in today. I put out several more heirloom tomatoes, the late comers, hopefully they will do ok. Lots of peppers and some misc stuff that I was just trying out. I gave several transplants away and culled all the rest in a big pile in the greenhouse. Of course some of those that are on pile are looking good. I couldn’t stand everything being empty out there so I started a bunch of misc flower seeds that I had collected at the old house. I also started several rose cuttings that my mom gave me.

Out in the garden things are really going good. We’ve harvested lots of greens and lettuce, and they are all growing back nicely. The mustard greens are starting to bolt due to the hot weather. Can you believe we are already hitting 90 degrees. I’m going to let them go to seed to save for the fall. The beans and peas are growing like crazy. The tomatoes are looking good and looks like we are going to have tons. That goes for the zucchini and squash as well. Now we are starting to get ready to order all the canning equipment to process the harvest.

The fruit trees are looking good. The blueberry bushes are loaded with berries. I planted 4 fig trees the week to add to the fun.

The wild dew berries started getting ripe last week. We picked enough to make 2 cobblers and some jam, and all the berries that one little boy could eat. He looks like a little purple man at the end of each day.

The chickens are doing good and I really got get that chicken house done this week. I let a few of them out the other day to run around the yard and they really enjoyed it.

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  1. you know… we have those out on our land, as well as the regular blackberries… and I just call em all blackberries…
    just like people call my treo a blackberry


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