Things are getting ready to Harvest

The nice rain last week and the warm weather has really helped the garden. We are starting to harvest zucchini daily. We also have snap beans that are ready to start harvesting. I think we will have squash big enough before the week is over. The greens are continuing to do good, except all the mustard has now went to seed. But thats good I need more seed for the fall.

I pulled back some soil around the potatoes last night and they are really putting on good since we pulled the dirt up. I don’t think the onions have much time left the tops are starting to brown. The garlic tops are starting to lay over so its about ready.

This morning I saw a Painted Bunting when I was out feeding the chickens, I’ve seen them in the area before, but never one in the yard. Speaking of chickens I got all my lumber for the chicken house yesterday and its now under construction.

2 thoughts on “Things are getting ready to Harvest”

  1. Aren’t the painted buntings beautiful? the first time I saw one I thought I was imagining things, how could a bird have all those colors splashed on it like that. what camoflage sense would that make! Now we have a pair that live down the lane (at my parents house).


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