Harvest Time

It’s been a few days so a lot has happened. Saturday morning I put the finishing touches on the new chicken house. The chickens seem to really like it. Sunday I started leaving it up all day, so the chickens are now free to roam about the farm. The bigger one seem to enjoy getting out while the smaller ones still like to hang out inside.

We are really starting to harvest a lot of vegetables. We are harvesting daily and getting Provider green beans, zucchini and squash. Yesterday I picked the first ripe tomato, which the boy took and ate. We also harvest the first of the Contender green beans. We have lots of greens that need to be harvested as well. And we are digging new potatoes as needed. The garlic has fallen and is ready to harvest and the shallots and onions are showing signs of falling as well.

We have harvested about 43 lbs. of stuff in the last 4 days. We are eating all the fresh we want and sharing with family. Camille has been busy canning, cooking and freezing the rest. More stuff is starting to grow daily and harvesting will be really getting diverse this week. Its a busy time in the garden and in the kitchen, and despite all the work we are having a blast.

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