Lot’s Going on at the Farm

There have been lots of things going on since the last post. As i mentioned last time the chickens are now free range, except at night for their protection. They have the schedule down great. A little before dark they head to their coop and I lock it up before heading in at dark. They have some new friends now, 2 African geese. My mom bought them for the boy this weekend. They are about 4 weeks old, but I’m already letting them free range because they are so big and really like the grass growing around the garden. They are a lot of fun to watch. Now we are enjoying watching the chickens and geese run around the garden while we are out there working. We also have 8 guinea chicks in the brooder pen. They are a couple of weeks old (maybe). They are pretty wild (which you want) and looking good.

The garden is continuing to do well despite the lack of rain in the last couple of weeks. We are getting daily harvest from the zukes, squash and beans. The provider beans were the early green beans and they are just about done. The contender beans are producing a little bit everyday, but hasn’t gotten to peak time yet. We harvested our first scallop squash yesterday and will add them to the daily mix. The rest of the beans are looking good, most of them are for drying and are getting huge. We are harvesting lettuce, kale, kolrabi, and collards. I dug all the potatoes and put them in the barn to cure. I also pulled up all the garlic, onions and shallots to cure as well. The tomatoes are still looking good (except the celeberties) and everybody is waiting to get some. The watermelons are starting to put on, one is even the size of a softball already. The corn is starting to make ears. Its a lot of fun and the daily walk through the garden has to be one of the best times of day.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot but that should give you and update for now.

4 thoughts on “Lot’s Going on at the Farm”

  1. Holy cow! You’ve got a whole mess of animals now! Are you going to be able to take any of your corn and make feed in the winter, or will they free range all year?


  2. I’m not sure about the corn. I suspect that next year I might be able to dedicate a patch that can be used to feed the animals.


  3. Guineas ROCK. Let them free range when they are old enough and you will have no worries for ticks. They are reputed to do a good job on small snakes, too; though I have no first hand experience with that skill.

    We are late getting our garden going, but I have high hopes for ours, too.


  4. Yes, the guineas are great for snakes and ticks, and pitch in with the chickens on the grasshoppers 😉
    I used to love having them around. Thier wild call, and polka dots (or sometimes just the white ones), and thier little dinosaur head.
    Not a bad taste either, but all dark meat.


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