Just a few days behind

We’ll I’m a little off on the posting, I did a big host move and have been putting things back together. It just happened to fall on one of the busiest times at work and at the farm.

Like always I’ve forgotten more about what’s been going on than I remember. But here is a summary.

We lost a couple of chickens and a guinea to the neighbors dogs. They were informed and haven’t been back, lets hope they stay gone. We also had a stray puppy call the place home for about a week before it passed on with some puppy disease. That’s some of the downside of raising animals. We did also get a goat. My sister actually got it for the boy and so far it’s doing good.

The garden is doing well we are harvesting green beans (2 kinds), zukes, yellow and scallop sqaush, cucumbers, corn, carrots, kolrabi, tomatoes, peas and I’m sure things I’m forgetting. The dried beans did really well, until we had a big rain and soaked them, and they sprouted and got nasty. I still have one more type of dried bean that isn’t ready to harvest yet.

We’ve got some rain, lots of heat, and missed a lot of rain. I suspect that we do need some rain but the subsoil moisture is still ok. One of the storms brought a lot of wind, which ripped the top off the green house, but that will be easy enough to fix later.

Well that enough of that.