Quick Farm Update

Wow, so its been a while, again. It’s been busy the last month around here. The garden did extremely well, we recorded over 800 pounds of produce that we harvested. There is no telling how many additional pounds were given away eaten by the chickens and the deer. There was enough for everybody, well almost, we really would have liked more peas to share with the family.

The weather has been nice and boy have we gotten some rain. I’m a little behind on getting the late summer early fall crops going, because its been to wet to till or plant.

It looks like it might be dry for a few more days so I hope to get every thing ready and start doing some planting next week and start some transplants in the greenhouse.

I’ll try to sum up the varieties that I planned and the yields. I should not that I did have several crop failures and under yeilders. Good lessons for next years crops.

One thought on “Quick Farm Update”

  1. 800lbs?? Did I read that right… dang dude you two are farmers now.

    ; – )

    Any peppers in that crop? I am brewing a “pepper beer” and need some mild to hot Tejas peppers.



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