In The Garden

Well it’s finally starting to get warm and dry in East Texas. I can’t complain its been nice and wet and mild so far this year.

Just about all spring/early summer crops have come and gone. Here are the exceptions. The tomatoes are getting there second wind. All the spring plants are starting to get loaded up again and all the early summer plantings are putting on fruit as well. The watermelons are still putting on some fruits. The purple hull peas are still trying to come back after the deer attacks, I’m just watching to see what happens. The few pepper plants that made it are really looking good in this hot weather. The eggplants are producing some nice fruit. Oh and I still have 3 scalloped squash plants that are still putting on fruit. Everything else has been cleared out an retilled over the last month.

I know its hot out but its fall garden time. I’m going by some recommended planting guides for dates along with the notes from the little sample plot I did last fall. In the last part of July I planted 2 rows of okra, 2 rows of Provider Beans (snap beans) and a row of butter beans. Of course it hasn’t rained a drop since I planted. They are slowly coming up so I watered them a little yesterday. Also in July i started transplants in the green house. These are broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, bok choi, and cauliflower. Some of these I didn’t have any luck with last fall, so I’m retrying a little earlier.

In the early part of this month I’ve planted some thing directly in the garden. These are rainbow chard, dill, and cucumbers. During this month I also plan on planting collards, mustard, turnips, rutabagas, potatoes and onions. Some of these might actually wait until the early part of September as thats when the local store will get seeds and sets.

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